Class: DimInfo 
Library: DIM
Author: C. Gaspar  
Version: v1.0 Update :Thu Feb 11 15:52:46 1999

Descrition :

    To be used by DIM clients - implements DIM service subscription and reception
    DimInfo constructors subscribe to DIM services.
    DimInfo Services can be requested to be updated when the contents change and/or at regular time intervals.
    The services are received at startup, when the server updates them or after a timeout limit if the parameter "time" is specified.
    This gives the following possibilities:

        - Receive the service at startup and then
        - Receive the service only when the server updates it
              - no "time" parameter
        - Receive the service when the server updates it, but also after a timeout (to make sure the server is alive)
              -  longish "time" parameter

    Note: The parameter "time" is sent to the server. It is the server that updates the services even on the time basis

    Please refer to Usage for examples.

Constructors :

    Constructors for Services updated only by the server

    Constructors for Services updated (also) on a time basis Destructors : Public Functions :


    Access to the Service Data    Quality & Timestamping (The information retrieved by the following methods is set by the sever
    by using the class DimService): Usage : DIM Client Services (DimInfo) can be used as follows:

public static void main(String[] args)
    DimInfo srv = new DimInfo("TEST_IT_INT", -1)
        public void infoHandler()
            System.out.println("Received: "+getInt());
            System.out.println("Quality: "+getQuality());
            System.out.println("Timestamp: "+getTimestamp()); 

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