Class: DimUpdatedInfo
Library: DIM
Author: C. Gaspar  
Version: v1.0 Update : Wed Apr 05 15:52:46 2000

Descrition :


To be used by DIM clients - implements DIM service subscription and reception
    DimUpdatedInfo constructors subscribe to DIM services.
    DimUpdatedInfo Services can be requested to be updated when the contents change and/or at regular time intervals.

    The difference between DimUpdatedInfo and DimInfo is that services are not received at Startup, i.e. the first time a client subscribes to a service.
    The services are received when the server updates them or after a timeout limit if the parameter "time" is specified.
    DimUpdatedInfo inherits its behaviour from DimInfo, please refer to it for detailed description.

    Please refer to Usage for examples.

Constructors (as for DimInfo):

    Constructors for Services updated only by the server

    Constructors for Services updated (also) on a time basis Destructors : Public Functions :

   Inherited from DimInfo:

Usage : DimUpdatedInfo can be used exactly like DimInfo: