Class: DimExitHandler 
Library: DIM
Author: C. Gaspar  
Version: v1.0 Update :Thu Feb 11 15:52:46 1999

Descrition :

    Utility Class - Implements an Exit Handler for DIM Servers
    There are 4 occasions where a DIM server would exit if no ExitHandler was declared:
        - The DIM_DNS_NODE is undefined
        - The DNS refuses connections from the machine where this server is
        - One of the services provided by this service is already declared by another server
        - The server got an "EXIT" command from a client.
    If the user declares an exitHandler than it's is up to the user to decide whether to exit or not.

Constructors :

Public Functions :

Usage :


        DimExitHandler exid = new DimExitHandler()
            public void exitHandler(int code)
                System.out.println("Exit: "+code);

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