Class: DimClient 
Library: DIM
Author: C. Gaspar  
Version: v1.0 Update :Thu Feb 11 15:52:46 1999

Descrition :

    To be used by DIM clients - implements static methods relating to the Client
    Mainly Sending Commands to Servers.
    The methods sendCommand(...) will wait for the command to be actualy sent to the Server
    and return a completion code of :
        1 - if it was successfully sent.
        0 - if it couldn't be delivered.
    The exception beeing: if the user calls this method inside a Handler (infoHandler, serviceHandler,
    commandHandler and clientExitHandler) the command will be sent but without waiting for reception
    and the return code is not reliable (in order to avoid deadlocks).

    The methods sendCommandNB(...) are Non Blocking, i.e. they do not wait for the command to be sent. 

    They should be used inside callback routines to avoid deadlocks
Public Functions :

Usage :
    sendCommand Example:
          public static void main(String[] args)
                DimClient.sendComamnd("SRV/ALLOCATE", 1);
                DimClient.sendCommand("SRV/ALLOCATE", 0);

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