Distributed Information Management

Availability and Tools

The DIM system is currently available for mixed platform environments comprising the operating systems : VMS, several Unix flavors (Linux, Solaris, HP-UX, Darwin, etc.) Windows NT/2000/XP and the real time OSs: OS9, LynxOs and VxWorks. It uses as network support TCP/IP.

The differences in data representation (e.g.: byte ordering, floating point format, data alignment and data type sizes) over different machines are automatically (transparently) negotiated between the server, the client and the name server.

All DIM functionality is available as server and client libraries providing C (and Fortran), C++, Java, and Python callable interfaces.

The behavior of complex distributed applications can be very difficult to understand without the help of a dedicated tool. The DIM System provides a tool - DID, the Distributed Information Display - that allows the visualization of the processes involved in the application as shown in the Figure.

DID allows the visualization of the Servers composing the application: they can all be displayed (as in the example) or they can be selected by the machine where they are running or by the Services they provide.

For each Server the list of current clients can be displayed providing information on their process names or PIDs and machine names:
And the list of Services provided can be visualized (together with information about the server itself like its PID and the machine where it is running):

By Selecting one of the services its contents can be displayed: