Same details on DIM Configuration
(private networks, machines with multiple network interfaces, etc.)

Setting Up DIM Processes

A few environment variables can be used to configure DIM processes:

 Some DIM functions can also be used to dynamically Set Up DIM Processes:

Using DIM across different Networks

In a node with two Ethernet interfaces (or in general visible on two networks):

Note: Although the DNS may respond to all servers and clients on both networks, of course clients on one network will not be able to connect to servers which have a single interface on a different network.

A program: DimBridge is available, as an example, to transfer DIM services and commands from one DNS to another. (Supposing that the two DNSs are on different networks). Please note that such a Bridge should be used with care as it could create a bottleneck, since all services and commands have to be "tunneled" via it.
    Usage: DimBridge [from_node] to_node services
        from_node - by default DIM_DNS_NODE
        to_node - the complete node name of the new DNS
        services - the list of service names (wildcards allowed)

The user can also create its own client/server program that is a client on one interface and a server on the other one, using the same DNS, but then the user has to guarantee that the Service names published by the Server part are different from the ones already available. (DIM does not allow multiple services with the same name using the same DNS). 

Port Numbers used by DIM

When setting up (private) networks and gateways you may need to know the port numbers used by DIM for example to configure Firewalls.