DIM had contributions from: 

Mark Dnszelmann -     Participated in the initial design
Gerco Ballintijn -     Implemented the first port to UNIX
Serguei Scherbakov -     Contributed to the Linux version of DID
Serguei Sergueev -     Provided the Windows version of DID
Michel Jonker -     Provided the Java (Native) Interface
Christian Kofler -     Ported DIM to mCLinux
Dietrich Beck -     Implemented the LabVIEW Interface
Radu Stoica, 
Juan Manuel Caicedo,
Cedric Caffy
-     Implemented the Python Interface
Alexei Kuryakin -     Provided a new DIMTree for Windows

And many others who contributed by providing feedback, bug reports and bug fixes.
Many thanks to them all for their patience.
And apologies to the ones I forgot (please contact me)...